Why I Give

Donor Profile: 

Vickie Dixon



What was your first impression of Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation?
I thought it was wonderful to have an organization to assist Phelps County Medical Center (PCRMC) to help fund new state-of-the-art equipment and help provide patients assistance for the services offered at the hospital.

What has surprised you most about the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation?
I recently had the opportunity to work with the Foundation staff on the Delbert Day Cancer Institute project and what impressed me the most was how caring and protective the staff are of the donors. They work extremely hard to satisfy the donor’s wishes and protect their privacy, and yet put the funds to the absolute best use.

What do you tell others about the Foundation? How do you describe this organization to others?
I explain that it is a great way to help other people. The Foundation has many different funds and if you have a specific interest in helping someone in cancer care, pediatrics with dental issues, or know someone who has gone through breast cancer, you can put your donations into that specific fund and help that particular program. However you give, you can help someone in that particular interest area.

What interests you most about the Foundation? Why?
My favorite fund of the Foundation is the Greatest Needs Fund, because it helps provide capital funds that enhance the hospital’s ability to treat patients and also help patients in need that aren’t covered by another fund. When you have a medical crisis, things come up that you don’t always expect, such as being able to pay the house payment or pay the electric bill, and that is where the Greatest Needs Fund can help.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about donating or volunteering their time?
I would tell them to give what they could afford. Find a fund or need that strikes close to your heart and donate to that cause. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but just donate what you can because every little bit helps.

What’s it like to be a donor of the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation?
Donating to the Foundation is giving back to my place of employment. PCRMC has employed me for 39 years and I very much appreciate that, so to give back to the Foundation is a way of saying thank you. The Foundation does a wonderful job of recognizing their donors. It doesn’t matter if it is a lot or a little, but you are always thanked for your donation.