2018 Employee Giving Campaign

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Each day at Phelps County Regional Medical Center, we band together to help the communities we serve by providing world-class, quality healthcare. Help us “Build a Better US”  together!

We know the spirit of giving lives at PCRMC, and our employees are passionate about supporting the life-saving work happening around them each day. Employees can give to the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation with the comfort of knowing that 100% of their gift comes back to PCRMC, and all donations are 100% tax deductible. A successful campaign not only directly benefits patient needs, but also shows the community that we are dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare and that we are here for them when they need us.

For example, a family was recently in a car accident that forever changed their lives. They found themselves split between PCRMC and another hospital. Hundreds of miles from home without transportation or a cell phone, they found themselves in a very desperate situation. Caregivers here at PCRMC purchased shoes, clothes, food and provided them with a hotel room, as well as arranged transportation by the Outside Transport Service to the other hospital. This was mostly paid for by funds from the Greatest Needs Fund. We (PCRMC) would not have been able to assist in making this possible, without the support of donors like YOU.

This is the most important campaign that PCRMC employees can support, as you will see the positive effects of your gift each and every day. Whether through payroll deduction or a one-time gift, your donation will go a long way in continuing the extraordinary care we provide every day. Please join us in supporting the campaign by completing your pledge form today. Thank you for your thoughtful participation and all that you do to provide world-class healthcare at PCRMC!