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The Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation supports the work of every nurse, security officer, physician, administrator, chaplain and team member at Phelps County Regional Medical Center. Our purpose is simple – to support the hospital in striving for exceptional care for each and every patient. We aspire to dream bigger, reach further and think “outside the box” to find solutions to the problems encountered by our patients and community. No matter the degree of need, the Foundation is dedicated to being upstanding stewards of your donations and putting your generosity to work for the advancement of care for the patients served by PCRMC.

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Our initiatives

The Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation pursues forward-thinking, bold initiatives that will have the greatest and most significant impact on our patient population and community. As a non-clinical department, we seek partnerships with clinical staff and caregivers to identify areas of need. When a need is identified, we diligently work to ascertain fundraising feasibility and partner with hospital staff and administrators to thoroughly discuss strategy and implementation. From the advancement of technology, to the treatment of disease, to the expansion of our hospital’s facilities, we are there to help.


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Current Projects & Initiatives

The Foundation is in the midst of fundraising campaigns for these current projects and initiatives, in addition to ongoing fundraising for our various annual funds.

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