How the Hospice Fund Helps

How the Hospice Fund Helps
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Without the hospice fund, a hospice patient was not going to have the Christmas they deserved in 2016. In the fall of 2016, the hospice fund provided in a meaningful way for a 53 year old woman in Salem estranged from her family. At the time, she was living with a family member who kicked her out of the house. With nowhere to turn and in need of special care she ended up in nursing care. Since the holidays were already extremely tight for her and with no money for Christmas presents for her grandchildren or even food for herself the hospice fund was able to step in and provide those comforts. The hospice fund contributed the extra comfort of presents for her grandchildren, $150 in groceries and a comforter and sheets. The hospice fund directly impacts many individuals in the community who would otherwise not have the opportunities the fund affords.

“I do not know how I could do my job without the Hospice Fund,” said Anna Tucker, a social worker with the Home Health Hospice.

Around the holidays resources can be limited to patients and this year the hospice fund provided 20 baskets for Thanksgiving and cooked for an additional 20 patients. At Christmas, the fund provided for 15 food baskets. It may be a small gesture of philanthropy, but for hospice patients it means a holiday meal.

“We take care of the people where they are,” said Cynthia Van Woeart, fund administrator.

One patient had absolutely nothing. She was living on $700 a month and had a young son age 18 that lived with her and was her caretaker. Home Health Hospice enrolled them in Medicaid and the hospice fund paid for six months of electricity and phone. Without electricity, the patient’s machines would not function which would leave her stranded. In addition, the fund purchased groceries and Christmas gifts.

In other circumstances, the Home Health Hospice patients are much younger such as one recent patient who was a little girl with leukemia. The hospice fund contributed an ice pack and body pillow to make her more comfortable and purchased craft supplies which allowed her to spend time with her siblings doing activities they enjoyed.

The hospice fund provides for those who are suffering and have little resources and instead allows them to enjoy what time they have left with family and friends. Every small gesture of generosity is appreciated.