How YOU Support the Enhancing Nursing Excellence Fund

How YOU Support the Enhancing Nursing Excellence Fund
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Without YOU, the Enhancing Nursing Excellence Fund could not provide ways to improve projects and work flow within the nursing staff at Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC). In addition, the fund provides ways to recognize those nurses who have went above and beyond the line of duty and made a meaningful impact on a patient’s experience.

The Daisy Award is an international recognition program that honors and celebrates the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day at PCRMC. Every Daisy Award Honoree receives a public “thank you” with a ceremony at their unit and receives a certificate, award pin, daisy bouquet, cupcakes, and a hand-carved stone sculpture entitled “A Healer’s Touch. Our Daisy Award at PCRMC is sponsored by the family and friends of Vicki B. Allen, who served PCRMC and the nursing profession for 40 years.

Recently, a PCRMC Obstetrics nurse received a Daisy Award for her thoughtful and compassionate care of a patient. A mother had just recently given birth and it was unclear if she would survive. In order for her to hold her baby, the nurse took the baby to the Intensive Care Unit and allowed them that quality time they both needed. Other Daisy recipients show the extra care patients needed when in uncomfortable times. They go above and beyond and make their family feel better about the situations as well.

The TEAM Award (Together Everyone Achieves More) is a way for PCRMC Nursing Administration to recognize extraordinary teamwork. The award identifies a team of staff who has furthered the nursing mission of providing compassionate and patient-centered care to PCRMC patients. All those honored for the TEAM award receive a plaque and cupcakes for the team.

In the past, the TEAM award was given for departments who made a difference for those women who were experiencing childbirth or for making a lifelong impact on a patient. The Transitional Care Facility received a TEAM award for the caring and thoughtful date night they created for a couple when the wife was nearing the end of her fight with cancer. The department arranged for flame less candles, balloons, a bouquet of flowers, boutonniere and corsage and a private dining experience for the two of them. The entire hall was lined with rose petals from her room to the private dining area and they played their favorite songs. It was a night to remember for the couple and a memory still shared by the husband that he could keep long after his wife had passed.

The Enhancing Nursing Excellence Fund allows the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, Nursing Administration, and others to acknowledge those compassionate nurses who make a difference to a patient’s experience and embody the mission of PCRMC Nursing. For more information on how you can donate to the fund, please contact Cameron Hance at or 573-458-7699.