Bump in the Road

Bump in the Road
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Samra Norris was 39 when she went to her first mammogram only to discover she had breast cancer.

“Preventative care and early detection are key to fighting cancer,” Norris said.

After the early detection of her breast cancer in September 2007, Samra started her round of radiation treatment. Over the course of the six weeks, Norris experienced 33 radiation treatments Monday through Friday. Each day she worked until her appointment and once it was over returned to work. In addition, she received tamoxifen hormone therapy.

“We always believe it will never happen to us. We think we are untouched,” said Norris.

Samra works in the radiation oncology department at Phelps County Regional Medical Center and although she had always worked in the department, it was a drastic change to step back from her job and truly be a patient.

“You realize how things are from the patient’s point of view,” Norris said.

Samra finds that keeping a positive attitude gets you further both in life and when facing cancer head on. “It did not hit home for me until I was lying on the treatment table the first time and that is when reality sunk in,” said Norris.

When Norris works with other cancer patients, she does not always address the fact she is a cancer survivor unless she feels it is something that will help them through their struggles. She reassures them and lets them know she is there for them.

After her radiation treatments she has been proactive with her routine mammograms and follows up no later than the day after they are due to have hers done.

Norris wants people to know they are not alone and to stay positive.

“It’s a small bump in the road, but you just keep going,” said Norris.