A Circle of Pearls

A Circle of Pearls
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There was a period during Salle’s first marriage that things were not going well so she and her husband agreed to attend a marriage counseling group. The camp was located in a remote area and other couples were in attendance. I think she said the camp was held for 3 days.

On the second day, Salle realized that her husband really did not want to be there and was showing no sign of wanting to save their marriage. After the last session on the second day, she went for a walk alone in the woods to think about her future. Along the way she stopped to sit on a log beside the path to rest and think. She said she must have dozed off because when she awoke there was an old man sitting next to her. The old man had white hair, a long white beard and was dressed in a white robe. And out in front of them was a large crystal domed structure that was full of beautiful flowers, birds, and butterflies.

The old man proceeded to tell her a story about a clam and it’s pearl. He explained how the clam over time filtered out the bad sand and only kept the good sand that would eventually create a beautiful pearl. He then asked Salle to open her hand. His hand was closed, but when he opened it over hers a beautiful white pearl dropped into her palm. He explained that our lives are like a string of pearls. As time goes on the pearls keep being added to the string and as we reach the end of our journey the pearls all come together, creating the “Circle of Pearls.”

Salle is the biggest pearl on my “Circle of Pearls.”